Created by Control Group Productions

October 17-30, 2019

An immersive haunting of the Aurora Fox – a world of spectral regrets and paths not taken.

Join Control Group for a journey into the haunted depths of this historic theater, as we unearth resonant histories and unnerving fictions conjured from the building’s past. In this haunt-inspired immersive performance, the ghosts of the Fox come alive around us. These lost souls are consumed by something scarier than any monster: regret, and the remembrance of lost things.

Through live dance and theatre, film, and escape-room-esque design, Control Group brings the audience into an experience that turns theater and haunted houses on their heads. Thrilling but not terrifying, the performers’ interactions invite audiences into the world of the show, where they help the ghosts untether themselves from the shackles of their past.

ADVISORY: This event is appropriate for people ages 10 and older. Contents include occasional foul language, mild sexual innuendo, fake blood, and moderately scary moments.

This event is ADA compliant. *Please contact us if you plan to attend in a wheelchair or have other mobility concerns.*

This event involves walking, standing, sitting, and participating in activities with performers. Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

This event involves moderate physical contact from performers as they guide you through the experience. 

This event may include momentary use of prolonged darkness, strobe lighting, fog effects. Please contact us with specific concerns around physical or emotional triggers, allergies, etc.